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I'm seriously made and so is she. All a second date would have i it. Again, the whole times from Canada thing worked so well in our last that I didn't on have to do anything type if this isn't experience with your guys constructive but what I can say When, hope yall left that. Truly, the interaction between Martina and I is excellent the weekend of being a mandatory deal at this left.

If a man did that, he'd be arrested. You're entitled to your opinion. I'll get my people to talk to your people. Just don't bottle it like ladygaga. She then called on her pleaes and followers to replicate her pose and started sharing pictures of those with the pusy interpretation of her instructions. Read More Amber Pissy proudly shared this full-frontal shot, which was quickly removed by Instagram Image: Instagram Her male fans were quick to replicate the pose Image: Lol post your version of my Seeks pussy to please in zadar and hashtag AmberRoseChallenge behalf of feminism, body positivity and not conforming to society norms of how we should live, what we should wear and where we should shave," she wrote.

Ih her legion of fans did jn proud, grabbing their nearest wig or household item to pay tribute to her work. One man made himself a makeshift black bikini top by ruching it up and tucking it around his waist, with a thick dark wig on his privates to look exactly like Amber. This fan went all-out to impress his icon Image: That looks painful Image: This woman showed her devotion to fries Image: The meat platters really helped here. As soon as we sat down and started snacking and pouring our first drinks, we turned around and opened the table of girls behind us.

A couple casual exchanges set us up for about an hour later when the DJ came on and started blasting some higher pace music. The girls on said table got loose and wild very quickly, and started dancing on the table itself. My brother and I as well as one other cousin got up and surrounded them and danced with them a bit as they came down. Talked for a bit and got some lip action with one of them, then shortly after that we all migrated to a second table just down the small flight of stairs and near the washrooms. Stood at our standing table just down the stairs a bit with our ice bucket and bottles of Johnny and kept pouring up until about Again, the whole cousins from Canada thing worked so well in our favour that I didn't really have to do anything sorry if this isn't helping with your guys game but what I can say Personally, I wasn't really into any of them, and I'd say they were solid 7's but I guess I was waiting for something else.

These girls were dancing between the restaurant style tables on the upper level and were having none of my advances. More drinking, partying, and singing with my cousins. Moved between our initial set with the girl who I had LA'd with and our squad's table downstairs and socialized for another maybe hour or so. They were nice but didn't really end up being anything.

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Took the plunge and solo opened a 6 set. I correctly guessed it was one of plesae birthdays. Opened with "So who's birthday is it tonight? Said this in Croatian by the way. Somehow managed to isolate this one girl by lifting her up by her waist and spinning her into some kind of dance move. My brother handle the other 5 chicks while I got to talking to "Martina". Made out with her a ton.

Maybe minutes of that and more talking. Decided to "pull back" randomly and walked away. She chased IOI and asked where our table was. I pointed to Seeks pussy to please in zadar and our group of guys that were chilling there with maybe 4 girls at this point pre-selection. Grabbed two beers from the bar and approached her. Shoved it in her hand. Cheers'd her then watched as I applied as much sly peer pressure as I could to get her to chug it down. Grabbed her by the hand and took her outside. We talked for a while.

Added each other on Facebook and I told her I was actually going to leave now with my cousins. Martina walks back inside and I motion for the cab. Never planned on leaving. Brother opened a 3 set outside and got that fired up. I'm still there talking with my bro and these new chicks. I notice her lol I'm practically waiting for her at this point and approach her cab and she waves me to enter. I go with her and her friend to a bar called BBS it's open til like 7:

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