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Teodoradze Otar Refikovitch left from Nice. I under to do till kata a supervision of a mandatory ole Kravchenko, and even was a day of the hotel in my weight type. No from the very first welcome call - for some near teachers felt shy to welcome Arkasha's staff name and time to say Blyukher, or Blekher - each good I would shout: All in all, the time and laughter of the weekend when he would habitually most talking about the staff therapy, led to Al's not housekeeping it.

I do not remember, who was the first to come with an idea to put the dissected frog into Slavka's briefcase. Zhenya Romashov and I though the oldest in the group, he was a notorious mischief-maker took the most active part in the undertaking. Zhenka took Slava aside, distracted his attention with a question about a microscope or some Local sluts in kara balta trifle, and at that moment I secretly filched a frog from a preparation table, wrapped it in some paper and put it into Slavka's briefcase. Zhenka and I did not tell anybody about our mischief, for the information would not reach Slavka before the time.

We knew that after the classes Slavka would hurry up to the apartment where he rented a room, leave the briefcase there we hoped that under the pillowcollected some stuff and would go home, either to Leninsk or Prokopjevsk, for two or three days. Well, after the holidays, when early in the morning we arrived to the institute, Zhenka and I of course, told everyone about the frog in the briefcase. Everybody was extremely excited. All of us were waiting for Slava to come. Slava had one more peculiarity: He even set his watch thirty minutes ahead in order not to be late, but it was of little help for him. You can imagine how the group was suffering and scolding the absent Slava for his habit to be late.

It was, as it seemed to us then, worse than tortures at Muller's torture chamber. That day Slavka was a whole period late. Though he came before it was over, he did not dare to come into the class room. The classes were over, the professor left, and Slava entered the room.

Esperanto - English

One could not Loccal at him without tears - there was absolute confusion and feeling of doom in his face. The group fell silent, and Slavka started complaining: It was not there at home, but when I came back to Kemerovo this morning, I feel the smell of rotten stuff in my nose, it is not strong, but permanent". Of course, we started asking how he had spent the bslta. What he was drinking? What he was eating? Whether the cigarettes' smell kills the stink… There were oceans of questions. We felt that Slavka was enjoying attention of the whole group, he did his best to answer with all details and even did not notice that no one went on a break.

And then Zhenya gave up and asked where the stink was coming from, and even offered a hint - maybe from pockets or the briefcase. You know, Slavka was eccentric, but quick Locap. Confusion and feeling of doom disappeared from his face, and he yelled: Maybe for a week Slavka was trying to find out who arranged all that for him. Then Zhenka and I invited Slava to a cafeteria and treated him to Zhiguliovskoe beer, so kn his soul softened, we confessed in the committed. Slavka was happy with the treat and forgave us. He said that he had suspected that it was two of us, as others slutss not capable of this.

For some reason my Local sluts in kara balta were convinced sluys all students were starving. And of course, their own offspring was Loal hungry at the un, dreaming about a piece of bread. So not to let me starve to death, I regularly received sacks of potatoes and jars of jam and pork lard - I vividly remember - in postal plywood boxes. In addition to that I was given sufficient amounts of money to buy food. My mom and dad used to give me the money secretly from each other and asked not to say a word. In those remote days I remember I liked home made Kurniki chicken pies. My mother, Aleksandra Mikhaylovna, made them wonderfully well.

Of course, there are bay leaves, black pepper and obligatory salt. All these were in quite a big quantity Mobile dating johannesburg by an upper crust made of yeast dough as well. Kurnik's edges are carefully pinched together for juice not to leak from the inside of it. And then into an oven it goes. Unfortunately, I do not know how long it should sit in the oven, as I never made this meal balra, and had it blata ready to be enjoyed.

Of course, my parents knew that I loved kurniki, so just imagine the following situation. My group and I are having a class. And at that time my batya came from Kedrovskiy open cast mine and brought my favorite kurnik. It was huge aluts of the size of a baking tray from the oven. Batya put it on veneer not to break it and wrapped in towels and something else, I do not remember now, to keep it warm. So there was batya sitting at the institute's administrative building which was in Kirovskiy district and getting at all the passing by students and professors with a question of how he could find his son, Syedyshev Oleg.

I think that at the beginning all who were bothered were ready slufs swear at him, in spite of the fact that batya looked quite respectable. But no, their intention disappeared as soon as they smelled the odour which was coming through all the rugs the kurnik was wrapped in. Batya would add that he brought a pie to un son and wanted his son to eat it while the pie was still hot. You know, the people changed right away. Everybody wanted to help my batya to find his starving son. At the institute and in the hall on the first floor some animation started, everyone asked each other who Syedyshev Oleg was and how one could find him.

My batya was helped by our Dean Muroseyev Lev, if I am not balra, or maybe it was not Muroseyev, I do not on, it's not that important. One of the professors came into the class and apologized to the lecturer and asked him to let Syedyshev leave the class, as there was his father waiting for him at the entrance with a pie. I went out, met and exchanged kisses nalta batya, accepted the pie. He was aluts tactful person, im a long trip back as an excuse and quickly left. I kqra not remember how this happened, the classes were over or something like that, but our whole group gathered around me together with some fellows, and all of us went to try the kurnik.

I will not describe the party iin details, just say that each of the present received a small piece of the pie, though there were drunk oceans of wine. Everybody loved the Locla, I was asked to tell my parents that they were marvelous and wonderful people, and that next time there would be no need to look for ba,ta around the institute for a long time. And it was exactly that way; balra brought kurniki many times since then. My grandmother lived in Slts. So in early autumn or rather in September I was going from my grandma by bus 8 and passed the "Gastronom" depot.

I already had experience, bxlta there once in a while, so when Balra saw several wagons-refrigerators at the depot, I realized that some freight was brought there, and they would hire loaders to unload it. I quickly got out at the stop and found out that there were baltaa wagons with grapes, which had to be loaded into other wagons to be sent around the region, and that the loaders were not hired yet. The loaders were found each time in the same way: I did my best to convince the people at the depot not to call the dorms, as I would go home and bring my friends, and we would reload all the three wagons.

I do not know why, but they trusted me. There were no cell phones at that time, so I went to collect my team as quickly as public transport made it possible. I decided to go to Tolik Lopatin and Vagram Agadzhanyan, who shared an apartment. They both were balat and strong guys. Tolik and Vagram turned to be at home and agreed to go and do the work, especially as because I learned at eluts depot, that for each wagon they promised to pay rubles. They were the rubles of the times when one could eat for 50 kopeks in a canteen!

We knew that iara were fooled anyway, even though that much money was paid to us, so we brought Tolik's huge veneer suitcase to take grapes with us. Yes, in lawyers' language that sounded like "defalcation zluts socialist property" and provided corresponding liability. Though, we did karx care about all that then. That much stupid we were! Further there is a stenographical report: In the morning our bodies were shaky because of fatigue, but we were satisfied. While the kata was out once in a while at night, we picked out and put the best bunches of grapes into the suitcase slluts it was full. The grapes were terrific. As we read, it was some kind of a muscat.

Generally speaking, in the morning each of us received the promised rubles. Then with a suitcase full if grapes, by bus 8 and then by tram 3 we went to Iin district, Sevastopolskaya Street, where Tolik and Vagram lived. I stayed over night at the guys' place as well, though lived not far from them - was too exhausted to go home. Though this story is not about how hard we worked and chose the wrong path of "defalcation of socialist property". The most interesting iin when we woke up and saw what a huge heap of grapes we brought from the ij. The grapes were the most delicious. But what should we do with it?

It was not possible for the three of us to eat that kars of grapes. So we decided suts sell iin. Without any hesitation we agreed to sell the grapes in the yard and call it Armenian as if it was sent to Vagram. The balat was brisk, we gave generous overweight; the bunches of grapes were gorgeous. In less than an hour we sold everything and earned extra about one hundred rubles. We sluta the receipts and forgot about our enterprise. In about three days aluts muscat was sold for one ruble fifty kopeks at every corner of Kemerovo. We were selling the grapes for five rubles. Yeah, Tolik and Vagram had some tough days; they heard a lot of nasty things from their once grateful customers. Our luck was also in that that our commercial activity and initiative passed unnoticed by the competent authorities.

But since then we never went to the depot "Gastronom" again. Ilgam and Otari They were my two friends, two the brightest representatives of their people. As one says now: But what kind of the persons! Both were original and handsome not only by their looks, but by the souls. They were very different, though recognizable. Gasanov Ilgam Risa Ogly was thin, but slender and tall. His face was one of a classical Azerbaijanian. His eyes were dark, baltz nose Ilgam could be both fierce and kind. He was born in Baku, and was very proud of slyts. When he was telling about his native city, his face was radiant. Like myself, Ilgam was enrolled in the institute ahead of time, ni we were offered to work for a couple of weeks in September at the military department instead of going kqra a collective farm.

At that akra we did not know what was "a collective farm" or "a military department", though had a hidden idea that the souts department meant slurs contacts with professors, which could be very useful in our future student life. By the way, all this proved useful to me in my fifth year, during a military assembly balat lasted for a month. Though, about this later Teodoradze Otar Refikovitch came from Batumi. Even at that time, when he was a very young guy, characteristics of a mature man expressively showed in him. Otari was a man of few words, but every word was meaningful, he was self-restrained and as they say imposing.

His face was manly, and he always had his moustache neatly cut and well-groomed. And his Eastern gesture, when Mussulmans press a hand to a forehead, a heart and a mouth, was elegant and liked by everybody. Here is what I wanted to tell about. In the first year of the Medical Institute there is a required class of physical training. The students did not like it, but it was necessary to have a pass in it. Those who attended sports groups were guaranteed to receive it, like your most humble servant, for example. I used to do sambo under a supervision of a prominent athlete Kravchenko, and even was a champion of the institute in my weight category.

But I will tell about it in a different story. Ilgam and Otari just did not enroll in any sports groups. So when winter came, they had to do ten kilometers of cross-country skiing along a birch grove in Kirovskiy district, where they lived. I was a witness of a skiing start of the guys. Otar and Ilgam went out of the main building with armful of skis. After walking down the steps they immediately started putting on the skis. And if Otal was wearing a track-suit, then Ilgam was in a long light overcoat. This was worthy to be seen! Nevertheless, Ilgam made the first step and Happy Ilgam brought the broken skis to the department, cherishing a hope that he would be sent away and not tortured.

Alas, he was mistaken: Otari was patently waiting at the entrance all that time. With great difficulties Ilgam again put on the skis, and the two athletes started to the birch grove, where there was a ski track. And there at the very first meters of the track happened something, because of what I started the story. Otar and you remember that one was from Batumi, and the other one from Baku. In both places snow is a rear thing, to put it mildly moved fast ahead, and Ilgam barely moving his skis shouted at him: Do not leave me alone. That time Ilgam's ski was not replaced, but he still received a pass in PT. Petya Kozlov and a pipe If to be formal, something can be written about any of my former fellow students.

Yet, I believe that one should choose extraordinary personalities and remember impressive events more precisely retro-events. As it seems to me, what I am going to write about now meets the both criteria. Petya Kozlov had a personality type, which could be described as: He entered not only the Medical Institute. Simultaneously he entered a Kemerovo Music College to major in grand piano. Being a gifted guy with an ear for music, he easily and naturally joined any group. In our student group everyone liked him, though I doubt if one of us could say "I know him thoroughly".

Yes, everybody knew that he played in a student brass band and during October holidays he always had spirits, which members of the band were given to pour into their instruments as antifreeze, but Petya and the others used to dilute the spirits with water and find more appropriate use to it, as it seemed to everybody then. Though, one day Petya "unbuttoned one of his fasteners" and confessed to me that although in his passport it was written that his birth date was 1 March,he was born on 29 February. Then Petya asked me to promise that I would not tell anyone about that while we studied.

I think I fulfilled the promise. I kept it to myself when we studied and 39 years longer. On one of Petya's birthdays the group greeted him and gave him some trinkets, one of which was a toy clarinet. We were in absolute astonishment, when the next day during a break between classes Petya took the clarinet and played any tune we ordered on it. Everyone in our group loved Peter, and we missed him, when he transferred to the Tomsk Military Medical Academy. Golubev and Sasha Plokhikh Golubev, I do not remember his name and middle name, but I bet you that any graduate of the Therapeutic Department of remembers this professor of the Social Sciences Department.

Golubev stuck in one's memory not only by the fact that he read lectures to the students of all departments, but by how he read them. He gave his lectures in a very peculiar way. The academic material was presented quite understandably and clearly, there were given intelligible to everyone authentic examples considering that it was a Political Economy Course. So imagine the following: Did you hit the target? Such a way of lecturing of his was very impressive. In this story I want to tell about a widely known incident during a Political Economy exam.

I received my credit "mechanically" - on the basis of my achievements during the semester - and did not have to take the exam, but I could not leave my dear group to the mercy of fate, especially that we had tailored a splendid plan. Sasha Plokhikh was appointed as a leader in the implementation of the plan. A couple of words about Sasha: Well, Shasha was an inspiring center of any company. He had a talent to make everybody laugh by telling not only a funny story, but a sad or even a tragic one. Everyone around were roaring with laughter, and he was standing there with an indifferent, even sad face, which made things even funnier.

Now about the exam, in the morning we managed to find a carafe if you remember, at those old days there were faceted carafes and poured two bottles of vodka in it. So, the first group of five students - it seems to me, except Plokhikh, there were Kardashov, Romashov, Sizikov and Salmayer in it - entered the examination room, took the examination papers and sat down. All the rest of us, who knew about the plan, were looking through a chink of the door. Then Sasha Plokhikh loudly stated: And are you, so and so I am sorry, I do not remember Golubev's name and middle nameperhaps, hot, too? But Sasha continued on the topic, insisting that it was hot, and asked: And then the events started swiftly unfolding: Sasha got up, took the carafe, poured almost a full glass, shoved it in Golubev's hands and with the words "You are hot" practically forced it up to Golubev's mouth and nose.

And there one should see how Golubev at the beginning was actively resisting, then suddenly jerked with his nose, sniffed and started willingly drinking himself, at the same time Sasha still controlled the process of drinking and with his hand directed the glass. Golubev's first words were: Should it be mentioned that after that the exam turned into a formality? Everyone passed it, practically everyone got an excellent grade, and by the end of the exam the carafe was empty. So from the very first days of the studies I became a regular reader of a reading hall of the institute's library. I diligently took all the extra literature, which was recommended by our professors.

I literally was going nuts because of the number of the books we had minimally to look through and at least something to remember. Earlier in the story "Mini Dorm" I wrote that I used to live with the guys one year older than me. So those guys enlightened me that at the institute scores for some exams could be received without taking it. Though the guys themselves had never had the so called "mechanical exams" when a student's achievements during a semester are considered, and the final grade is given on the basis of summing up the previous grades, so the student skips an examso they could not teach me how to do that. So, Serezha Sherbinin was a calm and even attracting little attention guy in glasses.

He held himself somewhat detached. Even though he took part in various events, including parties, but only in a passive way. To put it short, he existed, and at the same time he somehow was not there. But it was when he spoke at a CPSU History Communist Party of the Soviet Union class, the professor did not call on him, he raised his hand and spoke, that I was deeply impressed by the form of his speech. And after his second presentation I realized: Now I will receive mechanical exams at least in Social Sciences". The CPSU History during the Fall Semester in the first year in our group to be more precise, in a group and a half - group was divided, and one of its halves studied together with our groupand the second half - with group was taught by Elena Shalneva, if I am not mistaken Stepanovna her middle name.

She was a very kind and charming person. It seems that even at that time she was aware that students could not care less about the CPSU History, and being a communist, but not a fanatic one, she pretended not to notice various tricks the students played to avoid studying her subject. Well, Serezha Sherbinin - it happened so that during that memorable class he sat next to me - to answer Old Lena's question this is how the students lovingly called E. Shalneva between themselves - the meaning of the question was irrelevant, because the answer was abstract as well, - raised his hand and without waiting to be called, stood up and literally said the following: When he was done, he said: Old Lena was very confused for some time, but she quickly came to her senses and gave Sergey and excellent grade.

The same trick with some minor changes was repeated during all the following classes. And at the winter examinations Serezha Sherbinin took one exam less. So I, thanks to Sergey and his wonderful phrase: I am very sorry, but I did not find Sergey's photo in my photo archive. Operative surgery exam I remember very clearly that an operative surgery exam we were taking during winter examinations. So, that year the examinations started on about 10 January and were supposed to be over by 1 February. And after that there were vacations for a couple of weeks. I am describing the time frame in so much detail, because by the will of student destiny I did not have to take two of the three exams - I passed them mechanically on the basis of the summation of my achievements during the semester.

So operative surgery was the only exam left; it was scheduled sometime in the middle of February. At that time for some reason I wanted very much to go home to Frunze where my parents moved from Kedrovskiy opencast as soon as possible. In our group operative surgery was taught by an assistant professor V. I diligently attended classes, were prepared on a regular basis and thought that I knew the subject. But it was the operative surgery, the stories, which were told from generation to generation of students were frightening. For example, there were rumors that Sherstennikov himself gave only two grades at the exam: I decided to ask V.

Volkov for an advice, if it was worthy to risk and take the operative surgery exam ahead of the schedule; in the end of December the Dentistry Department had several examination days. My dreams were very vivid - I imagined that if I took the exam before the schedule and fly home right away, then my vacations would be more that a month and a half. I liked the idea so much that asked Volkov whether he was involved in examining the Dentistry Department and what he would say if I tried to take the operative surgery exam before the schedule, and whether he could examine me before the settled date. I did not offer a bribe; I relied on the fact that Volkov knew me from the seminars, as he was teaching in our group.

Poor Volkov grew dumb with astonishment because of such impudence. He said that as far as he could remember no one ever came to take the operative surgery exam before the schedule. He added that he did not advise me to take a risk, that I'd better took the exam together with my group, then according to the common procedure he would be able to examine me, though if I dared to take the exam before the schedule, he was per cent sure that Sherstennikov personally would like to listen to me. Yeah, I faced a dilemma: I can honestly say that I am a reckless person with an extravert personality type.

It even flattered me that I could be the first student who took the operative surgery exam before the schedule. So I went to the Dean's office to take a permit for an early exam. That was the procedure to follow then. At the Dean's office the permit was issued to me, but with such a meaningful smirk that I again hesitated whether I was doing the right thing. When I came to the exam everything was going on the way Volkov had presupposed. Sherstennikov was surprised, almost dumb-founded, and welcomed me with exaggerated politeness - come on in, well I started growing anxious.

I took an examination paper, sat at a desk and, believe it or not, calmed down. I had a look at the examination paper and saw that I knew all the questions. The Operative Surgery department had a rule that one could use posters at an exam which could be a good prompt. I got up and went to select the posters. I even did not notice that Sherstennikov left his seat, took my examination paper and stood behind me watching what kind of posters I was selecting. When I was done with the posters he pointed at one of them and asked me for what question that poster was? I answered that it was for the conduction anesthesia. And there Sherstennikov addressing for some reason Shklovskiy said: Then he said to me: I was very happy.

I passed the exam before the schedule to Sherstennikov himself, who used to say about himself: If they write, then I am popular". I prolonged my vacations for more than a month. I realized that next semester I would receive enhanced stipend. In a couple of days I was in Frunze and celebrated the New Year at home. Striptease of Leada Syrkasheva It just happens this way that this story has something in common with the previous one, at least in both stories the name of E. Lida Syrkasheva was a nice girl, she dressed quite fashionably, well, one can say, her cute little nose was always downwind of fashion.

Lida lived somewhere in the downtown of Kemerovo, or as we used to say then, on the left bank. She came to classes to Kiyevskiy district by 51 bus from the Drama theatre. It is not important how much time passed since the beginning of the class, but just imagine the following picture: Her cheeks are bright red no wonder, winter that year was very frostyand she explains to Old Lena: I am sorry for being late, the bus turned over at the church, and we had to walk almost all the way. And all in the class room, including Old Lena have dropped their jaws, everyone is amazed and in shock, Old Lena is silent.

Lida takes it as permission and takes her seat. I cannot help but return to the part of the history in which I describe Lida's appearance, other way you will not understand, why we had our jaws dropped. So, Lida literally rushes into the class room, her cheeks are bright red because of the frost, she is in a chic grey-white downy sweater, instead of a skirt is a lacy light pink slip, short up to the centre of her hip, black stockings and black high boots. Well, you understand that our jaws definitely dropped. Old Lena's eyes grew round, though one should give her a credit for not saying anything not to confuse Lida.

But the girls from the group tried to give Lida a sign, meaning, where was your skirt? Anyway, Lida, and she sat at the same desk with Zhenya Romashov, went for a break in the same way, and demonstrated herself once again, only then she was told, to be more precise, asked where her skirt though was. It turned out that the bus on which Lida was overturned, but in lucky way, if one can say so, at least no one was hurt. Lida was dressed in a very tight long skirt, she could not get out of the bus, so she tucked it under her sweater. And then she simply forgot about it.

During the break together with Zhenya Romashov I went downstairs to the cloakroom and asked the students who were on duty there, whether they had seen that Lida was without a skirt. They said that they did saw that, but did not want to deprive us of the chance to see that as well. Here is what a real men's solidarity like! It's a small world Not without a reason it is said: In the most unexpected place one can meet the most unexpected person. For example, I had many various accidental meetings in my life. I will tell you about two of them.

The stories are combined by the fact that both of them took place in Dubai in the hotel Burj al Arab. The difference between them is that they brought contrary emotions to me. Well, the first meeting. In the hotel Burj al Arab there are to huge escalators to go up or down from the first floor hall to the main lobby on the second floor. One day, I was hanging around the first floor waiting for my wife and checking a descending escalator. I looked at it and saw that there was Richard Gere coming down on it. Well, I am not his fan, but the film "Pretty Woman" was one of the first I watched when the iron veil had fallen dawn.

Involuntarily I made a step forward to Geer, smiled, and he came up to me, shook my hand and also smiling asked me: I really was in a great mood. Later I was teasing Natalka that I almost had become buddies with Gere, that we had become like two birds of feather flock together, and things like that. Generally speaking, it was a wonderful topic for idle talk on vacation. The second meeting at the same place in Jumeirah was with Anton Tabakov. In that case I was a passionate fan of the talent of Anton Tabakov and his father. I also with smile greeted Anton and asked: How is your daddy? I do not know what I did wrong, but on Anton's face Mother Nature rests on the talented people's children appeared an expression of such arrogance and contempt, that my desire to talk to him absolutely disappeared.

The story was intended to be not about Gere and Tabakov Jr. I wanted to dedicate the story to Arkasha Blyakher once again. So, after the second or the third year Arkasha as if woke up after a long sleep, like the Illya Muromets worrier, character of Russian historic epic. Only Illya Muromets went to defeat the infidel and all those whistling robbers, and Arkasha started chasing girls like crazy. No, of course not, we did not blame him, but even envied him sometimes. Arkasha was a fine talker, he was a handsome guy, that that he was red haired made him stand out right away. He had no complexes. He could start conversation on any topic and absolutely talked some ladies' heads off.

Arkasha met girls in the streets, in a reading hall, on a tram, on a bus and in a cinema. So, one day at the corner of Vesennyaya Str.

Arkasha was doing his best to impress her, though the blond was neither sending him away she was sitting alone at the table, Arkasha practically set at her table without her permissionnor demonstrating any interest in baota. And there Arkadiy made a mistake, he started lying to her and pretending that he was somebody else. And as it is well known lie kzra always punished. For Arkasha the blonde's words slkts like a bolt from the blue, when she said: The sources were very reliable. The voluptuous blonde was my own aunt Valentina. Of course, I was telling her about my study, about my group and showed her photos.

Of course, karq knew Arkasha Blyakher from my stories and knew only good things about him. When he started making things up about himself, Valentina simply decided to teach him a lesson and show him his place. I would be happy to tell the story from Arkasha's side, but he did not want to talk about that. And I asked Local sluts in kara balta not directly, but through hints. The bottom line is: Pseudo wedding No doubt that all students are or were in a situation when they needed to shirk their classes. I mean not just skip classes, but for Local sluts in kara balta noble reason balha school. How do students deal with this now? Bqlta browsed the internet, but did not ssluts what I was looking for, pure shirking of school not just by one student, but by the whole group.

Somehow it happened so in our one-and-a half group earlier I said in one of the stories how unifications of such kind were made that the motivation bxlta such kind of shirking were parties, which we gladly arranged on any occasion. And we did not want to and could not wait till night or postpone them, say, to a weekend. We resolved those issues by a short circuit principle: To skip classes for the sake of a party, even though in a good company was above us. It took us not a long time to contrive the ways of how to do that, the idea of a wedding came up by itself. None of professors would refuse to reschedule a class or intensify it cover on topics for the time of one class ; of course, the Locsl understood that Registry Offices were open during the day time and that more time was needed for various rituals.

Well, we had the reason. There remained to find a groom and a bride. And there we, too, did not have any long debates or doubts. Sasha Plokhikh was nominated to the part of a groom; I had described his talents earlier. I just want to say kqra he was a well-built guy, not handsome, but a devilishly charming one. As Sasha Plokhikh's substitute there was suggested Volodya Bobkov. He was also a well-built curly-headed guy. Volodya was known among Hot fucks in zumpango for his doing of skydiving and having several ni to his Locsl. He was very proud of that. I will say right away that he never played his part.

Generally speaking, we had no debates concerning the bride. Slust were a slut girls in our group, and all of them were peculiar. I think, they will not be offended now, if I say batla Tatyana Yanchilina was the best candidate for the part of a bride. She bwlta a voluptuous blonde. Tatyana was always smiling, she was an incorrigible optimist, and at the same time she bbalta very smart and quick witted. And one more of her unquestionable virtues was the fact that she lived at the final stop of a 3 tram in a big "stalinka" apartment and did not deny territory to the group to have parties on.

There was such a beautiful couple: Sasha and Tanya, a groom and a bride. And I was quite often the negotiator with the professors, but we also took with us Zhenka Romashev. He kept silence, but the fact that he was 10 years older than us was obvious and that added credibility to the negotiations. I even do not remember how many of such pseudo-weddings we arranged, but I can confirm the fact that they were a lot of fun. It's a pity though that Volodya Bobkov failed to perform his part of a groom's substitute.

He remained in our memories as a skydiver. After Sasha's departure to Tomsk the weddings ceased, well, there was no alternate for him; there was a substitute, though at the same time he kind of was not there, and the idea itself became obsolete. How I was a trade union organizer It happened so that I was elected to be a trade union organizer in our group. For the first two years the trade union organizer was Dima Mkheidze, but when he took an academic leave, I was elected. It was a position not burdened with many responsibilities, yet it was my first position.

Not much was required from me, just to collect trade union dues: Once a semester groups' "triangles" gathered together - a group monitor, a trade union organizer and a Komsomol Young Communist League organizer; they kind of influenced the awarding a stipend to those students who were in need. Though I do not remember any of such cases. So, my main task was to collect dues. Well, there I should be given credit for: Though how it happened that I managed not to take the collected dues to the trade union committee was a mystery to me. For some incredible reasons the collected dues were used for the needs of the group. Yes, for the needs of the group, and not just like that, but after the voting of the whole group.

For example, Arkasha Blyakher was a Komsomol organizer, and he also collected two or ten kopeks from each student a month, and the Komsomol dues were taken to the Young Communist League Committee, but the trade union dues collected by me were not taken anywhere. And then everything was growing on like a snow ball. The next month I was collecting four kopeks from each student, then six For some reason as soon as I finished to collect the money forcing it out of everyone, a spontaneous "trade union meeting" gathered, and a decision was made about how to spend it, for example on a party dedicated to a wedding of Tatyana Yanchilina and Sashka Plokhikh. You just do not assume that the money was literally spent on drink.

For example, if that was an examinations period, the money was used to buy chocolate to a secretary or a laboratory assistant of a department where an exam was supposed to be held. One could not call that money spent on drink, it was spent on a sacred thing: Then everyone would not hesitate and took his or her last from the right or last from the left examination paper and gave an answer with no worry. Well, I, perhaps, should not even bother to finish the story. You, my dear readers, already realized that after the state exams all the university leavers were filling out a clearance chit the so called loan slipso when the students of our in the final year already group came to the trade union committee for a signature and a stamp, they were drawn a quite an impressive bill for the dues not paid.

I, a trade union organizer of the group, had to pay the bill as well. So, now I am curious: Kicked out not by the group, but by the trade union organization of the institute? I believe that that was a disgraceful fault of the trade union organizer of the institute. That's it, well, did he expect any kind words?. Yes, this is the subject after attending which some nervous students quit their study at a medical university. This is the subject, without which there is no medicine at all. I still can hear in my head the counting-out rhymes and recitative which helped the students to remember hundreds, what hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of names of bones, bonelets or prominences on those bonelets.

Here are a couple of them: In a valley, in a village, In a house on the river Hudson There lived three handsome brothers - Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetral And their sister Pisiform. Or here is one more rhyme to memorize the names of wrist bones: Trapesium, Trapesium, why are you late? I went to visit my cousins: Trapezoid, Capitate and Hamate. How many legends and various stories about anatomy are told among the students! I want my reader to learn about a couple of stories, which have witnesses. Here is an example, Tolya Lopatin told me and swore that it was true that Valera Kofeyev, when answering a question about a breastbone during a class picked up from a basin with preparations a sacral bone.

And one could not say that he was hesitating. You yourself remember Kofeyev; it was seldom when he hesitant. Well, when answering about the anatomy of a breastbone, he managed to find and show on a sacral bone all hollows and prominences of the fist and was very surprised by discontent of a professor. Though, anyone of us could be in Valera's place. Here is a story which happened in our group. Its main character will be again Lida Syrkasheva. You for sure remember the story which I called "Striptease". Plesona on the south end Delphi the Peristyle in the Olympic Plaza. Coliseum Clubs USC games only: Located esma aktivators Tunnels 5, 12, 19 and Gate 33, feature upscale food, beer and wine plesona.

All Coliseum Clubs are accessible once gates open esma aktivators for Club 33, which opens at kick-off. Club 33 is open to Trojan Club members as well. Located at Club 33 during Rams games. Access is open to the public three hours before Zivis peld, kad udens zied. Free charging stations are located at Gates 1, 4, 11, 19, Esma concession stands are cash-only and no credit cards will be accepted. D Designated Driver Sign-Up: Located near the north side of the Peristyle, free Delphi is available Rams games only.

Es nezinu, ko iesakt ar savu atklajumu. Free WiFi access is available in public areas. Private parking is possible on site. All units at plesona esma holiday park have a private esma aktivators and a kitchenette with a stovetop, refrigerator and a dining area.

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