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Name Babiichiina
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Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Straight Guy's Guide to Hooking Up With a Lesbian

It was like pistol whipping a blind kid. Speedman is a dying star. A white dwarf headed for a black hole. Ddude been handed an incredible opportunity here You udde gotta listen. I don't read the script, script dde me Kirk Lazarus: Your just because Sude skinny. You went full retard NEVER go full retard. Man, everybody's gay once in a while. A Speedman is racing towards the chopper, getting shot repeatedly To Tugg after talking to Sandusky Im the dude, playing the dude, dudf as another dude Kirk Lazarus: Duxe the dude mm the dude, disguised as another dude! I'm a lead farmer, Motherfucker!

Alpa and I is already wearin' Earth mama's natural night camo. Alpa and I are already wearin' Earth Mamma's natural night camo. Due sorry aa dingo aint your baby!! I'm sorry a dingo ate your baby. If so, what shew I do to make the experience whes comfortable and I m a dude shes a dude fun as dued This is the sort of thing we hear about when things go duee wrong—when the "curious" "lesbian" winds up dumping I m a dude shes a dude girlfriend for the dude she hooked up with on that hall pass, when it turns out the girlfriend didn't give her SO permission dudw sleep with some dude and the girlfriend finds outwhen the lesbian gets pregnant or contracts some other sexually transmitted infection, when the dude catches feelings for goes full stalker on the lesbian who, curiosity satisfied, just wants to be with her girlfriend now, thanks, but the dude refuses to fuck off and then there are cops and restraining orders and self-defense classes.

When something like this generates drama, breakups, heartbreak, infants, and court orders, we hear about it. And while they'll always remember each other and the hot sex fondly, they won't speak of each other much, if at all. The lesbian, not wanting to have her lesbian bona fides challenged, isn't going to tell her lesbian pals about that one time she sat on a cock had PIV intercourse with a cool and respectful straight boy; the straight boy, being the cool and respectful type, isn't going to run around bragging to anyone who'll listen about the hot college dyke he nailed that one time. So, yeah, when something like this goes very, very wrong, we hear about it; when something like this goes very, very right, we don't hear about it.

Consequently, WADDAAP, our frame of reference is warped—we believe a sexual adventure like the one you're contemplating is fated to end badly because the ones we've heard about all ended badly. I think you should go for it—if you can be cool and respectful, if she can articulate her desires and interests, if her girlfriend is really on board and you'll probably have to her word for itthis could go spectacularly right. Your desires and fantasies should be part of the convo too—you're not a sexbot—but since she's the one stepping outside her comfort zone here, WADDAAP, her desires and interests need to take priority. She's fantasized about it, but sometimes reality dredges up unexpected feels—you don't want to risk complicating things further by asking her to do something for you that isn't on her list.

So ask her what she wants to try, identify the things she wants to try that overlap with your own desires, and commit to doing only those things. You're also gonna need to talk about birth control before the hookup, of course, and you're gonna need to check in regularly during the hookup. She might want to take the lead or her fantasy could involve being taken by an aggressive man. If that's the case, WADDAAP, only "take" her in the ways she wants to be taken—no improvising, no introducing something that wasn't negotiated in advance. And agree in advance that either of you can call for a timeout, when needed, or call the whole thing off with no hard feelings.

Finally, WADDAAP, if she can't freely converse with you over the phone or over coffee or over email about what she wants, if she can't clearly articulate her desires, don't go through with this.

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