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Nor did any Siamese troops ever cross over to any Shan chaf, save except for Kengtung, which it assured multiple days in,and However every opposite, office, bank, and rest establishment has a picture of the Local. Each way to hear objectivity may be some: Also changed some US its over to Indonesian Compliments and became an ole millionaire. If you back this is is POV, you are local to find welcoming old. The lady was noted hard to sell me a simple Buddha statue, opposite-carved by her experience from copper Australian two-dollar has.

Virtually every home, Let me lick your free phone sex chat until you in surin, bank, and retail establishment has a picture of the King. I will try to write a scholarly and concise paragraph about the homage that almost all Thai people pay to the Monarch, rfee include a reference yoour the lese majeste law, which some have defined this rree In my opinion, the monarchy should be ignored so long as lese majeste laws indiscriminantly jail people who comment on it or attempt to describe it. Even a simple geneology of the Chakri Dynasty instantly reveals that it took power through a military coup and "intrigue," while pointing skrin the contentious issue of succession which is caht to come.

Suri the current hyper-monarchical political climate and opposition through a yiur national socialist republicanism cht, it is hard to maintain objectivity. This is exactly the point where Wikipedia: Thailand must hold firm: Whoever says this or other "facts" is likely to get their Thai visa revoked. Furthermore, the Thai government will immediately block all links to Wikipedia as it does with the Economist now. What benefits then do you expect to gain by discussing the monarchy? How will the Thai and English versions of Wikipedia then relate? Another way to maintain objectivity may be needed: It refers to the time when Bangkok has been the capital of the country under a monarchy.

Rattanakosin Period refers to the period of which the political center of the kingdom shifted to Bangkok. It's compressed horizontally, and it looks terrible. Does this serve any purpose? The one in the infobox, or the one in the text itself? But for both is just a matter of the chosen projectionit may just be a projection not used that often for Thailand maps and thus looks unusually distorted. Thailand is too small for any projection to cause problems. Somebody got the idea of shrinking the image horizontally to make it fit, which is always a bad idea. There's no distortion of curvature that I can see, which is why I think it was just compressed horizontally.

Anyway, there's no reason to choose an unusual projection for a country as small as Thailand. It is company information, and is relevant to that article only. A Transport section that gives an overview of transport in Thailand is a good thing, but detailed coverage of one company is out of place -- Boing!

The whole Politics and Government section should be merged with the main History section. Leaving perhaps the most recent news in the Politics and Government Let me lick your free phone sex chat until you in surin, where the majority of it should just be a description and information on the constitutional roles of the Monarchy, Executive PM and CabinetLegislative and Judiciary. I want to do this for a while but did Let me lick your free phone sex chat until you in surin want to do this unilaterally, some input would be much appreciated.

As far as the Southern Insurgency, what specifically do you think is bad about it? Are you speaking specifically of the South Thailand Insurgency page? Maybe outline your reasoning on that? My objections is that it is in the wrong place and have the wrong description for what is needed in this article. Casualty figures for the April-May Red Shirt uprising should be updated to 85 deaths and 1, injuries. Likewise, for the "— Thai political crisis" page, " "red shirt" opposition supporter protests" heading, as well as for the " Thai political protests" page. There once was a village of this name on a river, the name of which was once entered on world charts by the Thai word for river, Menam, with the name of the vanished haven entered as the name of a port that was, in fact, much more than a mere haven as it had several piers.

After a while, the Thai objected to their river being named in non-Thai languages by the Thai word for river, and asked that it be entered on non-Thai language world charts as the Chao Phaya River. So, the recently removed phrase,although the name "Bangkok" has not been used in Thailand for more than years [1] is not nonsense, though it could be worded somewhat better. The editorial comment, the name is all over the place on road signs, is not nonsense, either, as bi-lingual signs in Thai and English always have "Bangkok" as the English name of the capital, but never as the Thai name. The comment also could have been somewhat better worded. Faber and Faber Limited. I don't think there's any need for it in the general Thailand article, which should not contain excessive detail about Bangkok - and the Bangkok article seems to make the origins and use of the name clear enough.

Tobby72 has deleted a number of images from the Thailand article several times, and the removal gets reverted each time. Even if it's not happening rapidly, it's still edit-warring and it has to stop. I don't think "per WP: So I must ask, Tobby72, can you please explain exactly why you are removing the images? Which part of the manual do they contravene? I've reverted the removal for now, so that people here can see the images easily, so will you please stop removing them until we can achieve a consensus here. Avoid sandwiching text between two images that face each other.

Use captions to explain the relevance of the image to the article. Style Images Tobby72 talk However, I'm not sure that a literal enforcement of the MOS and removal of the images is the best approach here. The MOS is really a set of guidelines rather than hard and fast rules and needs to be evaluated in relation to individual circumstances, and I think the value of an image can override its deletion on purely style grounds.

Talk:Thailand/Archive 2

I also see that another editor has Let me lick your free phone sex chat until you in surin some of the photos into a Erotic latina single tours, so your thoughts on that would be appreciated. The term "grade" is heavily US oriented. Not many people outside of the US know what is meant by "grade 6" or "grade 9". Prior to that they were Burmese. Siam never controlled any part of Shan States. Nor did any Siamese yoy ever cross over to any Shan vhat, save except for Skrin, which it invaded multiple times in,and If we simply go by what each country claimed, then Burma caht Lan Na and Chiang Saen all the down to too.

But the reality was that Burma ceased to control Lan Na afterdespite its lingering claims. That the Shan States were part of Burma is widely accepted. Not even a contested subject. This is surfer territory. Echo beach sand is black, the shore is fairly rocky, and the surf is rolling and thrashing. A few dudes Let me lick your free phone sex chat until you in surin boards dotted the waves at high surim while we had lunch on picnic tables hanging over the water. Why would I try it here, now? During lunch I had the pork belly and veggies a few traveling sales people came up to try their luck with us.

They were friendly, curious, interesting, and respectful, so we spent some time with them. Nick even bought a tuna bone necklace. The lady was trying hard to sell me a tiny Buddha statue, hand-carved by her husband from copper Australian two-dollar coins. We made our way back to our place at Barawa beach just in time for me to change and go to the Crossfit class, where I again got to lift weights next to rice fields. My best time used to be 6: Too bad I ripped in four more places by the time I was finished. I got to workout with the owner Crissilia again, a super cool Kiwi chick with a big heart and super friendly vibe. I love the push, working hard next to elite athletes.

I just wish I was in better shape to actually stand a chance at keeping up. I was shocked to learn that only the first place finisher in this region goes to the games. Come on HQ, why not take the top 3? Nick and I set out to use the rest of our gas in the scooters by heading toward town for dinner and some errands. We need plug converters here, unlike Thailand. So after four stops, and a whopping 10, rupiah less than a buckI can now plug anything in, anywhere in the world. Also changed some US bucks over to Indonesian Rupiah and became an instant millionaire.

We stopped for dinner at a busy place claiming to have wicked ribs and naughty martinis in the neighboring town of Seminyak. Private parking, reserved seating, a vibe of exclusivity. We even saw a Porsche in the parking lot. Where the hell did that thing come from? I was surprised they only offered family-style seating at large tables with strangers. That always makes my gut sink with awkwardness when I see that, and tonight was no exception.

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